Monthly Archives: November 2019

The Right Business Assets to Use as Collateral for a Loan

It’s common for lenders to require applicants for business funding to offer some type of collateral before they will approve a loan. If you default on the loan, the lender can sell your asset to recoup some of its losses.... Read More

How Planning Can Be the Secret Ingredient for Innovation

Sometimes the difference between a person succeeding or failing at business comes down to simple innovation. Being an innovative business owner means that you think about trends that have not yet hit the marketplace but that have the potential to... Read More

Why Crowdfunding Can Be a Myth

Starting any business requires a lot of planning, footwork, and salesmanship. Unfortunately, countless budding entrepreneurs have developed the notion that crowdfunding is the answer to financing their new business. In truth, not that many businesses take off as the result... Read More

How Construction Businesses Can Benefit from Factoring

Factoring for construction companies can be difficult to arrange, simply because most factoring companies are aware that construction firms often deal with slow-paying clients. This does not favor an alternative lender, because it tends to fall outside the short-term loan... Read More