Bridging the Gulf of Equipment Financing and Leasing

Every business needs equipment to run. With comprehensive equipment financing and leasing options, Gulf to Atlantic Commercial Capital works hard to get you the tools your business needs to become a success.

Our Services

Providing financing for all kinds of equipment from computers to cranes, we offer a variety of programs suited to fit your needs. Startups gain the advantage of quick financing turnaround to get the tools necessary to grow, while established businesses can utilize existing equipment as working capital through variable purchase-and-lease options.

Federal, state and local entities can also apply for financing libraries, public schools, police departments and other state agencies. Even those businesses who have suffered hard times with B, C and D credit ratings have options for financing to help get back on their feet.

The Leasing Advantage

While purchasing equipment outright has its perks, there are distinct benefits in choosing to lease. Companies choosing this option can take advantage of:

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Avoiding loss of equipment value
  • Immediate solutions to short-term contracts
  • Preserving current lines of credit
  • Liquid cashflow
  • Incentives for accounting and taxes

By choosing to lease, your business doesn’t need to take on the permanence of outright buying equipment. As your company grows and your needs change, your equipment options stay as flexible as you need them to be.

Get Equipped

We offer approval in s little as 24 hours, or within five days for larger sums. Established businesses older than two years gain access to $150,000 with no financial statement, exceptional rates and a maximum of 84-month repayment options, all with little to no down payment.

Gulf to Atlantic is dedicated to providing businesses with the tools necessary to grow and thrive in their field. Contact us today and our expert team of financing professionals will help find you the equipment leasing and financing options that best suit your needs.