Whether you’re working remotely because of the pandemic or not, working away from the office can be difficult. Here are some ways to stay productive.

Have Clear Goals and Boundaries

Managers need to set goals for the team. When the team knows the priorities for the day, they’ll be more productive. Have expectations about communication. Don’t make assumptions that everyone is on the page when it comes to working hours. Remember that many people are trying to do their best during this crisis. Have a backup plan.

Make Sure to Have the Right Software and Tools

Working from home can be more difficult than the office for many reasons. Use platforms that keep you on track with the rest of the team. Have methods to communicate with others. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Let your manager know if that might be a problem. If you need equipment to help be productive, such as an extra monitor, discuss it with your team. Managers need to take the lead and let the team know what is available.

Communicate Regularly but Not Too Much

When you’re working remotely, you need to stay in touch with the team. Managers have to find a way to balance this against micro-managing. It can be isolating to work from home. Find ways to maintain relationships to feel as if everyone is part of the team. It can help to have a colleague in the background on Slack or Messenger if you’re feeling especially isolated.

Give Everyone a Break

Don’t assume that your team is slacking off. Trust that your team is getting the work done. If you have the opportunity to work from home, do your part to the best of your ability. Keep to your routine and work as efficiently as you can.

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